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“Andrew has the wonderful ability to create broad, imaginative plans, and yet still focus on the practical details of implementation. He tackles all of his projects with great enthusiasm, and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Andy Burnett, Chief Executive, Knowinnovation

PROFESSIONALISING RESEARCH & INNOVATION MANAGEMENT IN AFRICA: Following conclusion of our 6-month scoping review of research management in Africa and India in 2016, the Wellcome Trust recommissioned Consort to develop research management strengthening initiatives for Africa. Working with colleagues at the Alliance for Accelerating Excelling in Science in Africa and the India Alliance, I am devising a distinct development programme – Professionalising Research & Innovation Management in Africa (PRIMA).

BOARD INDUCTION: Working directly with the Chair of the Board and the ILM’s Chief Executive, I am developing and delivering a comprehensive induction programme for the new governing board, helping them to understand the leadership culture, operating structure, and strategic management of the ILM, and to explore and understand their organisational roles and legal responsibilities as charity trustees and company directors.

OPERATIONAL & GOVERNANCE POLICY REVIEW: Following a strategic review of CARA’s activities and objectives in 2015, the Board of Directors implemented a new 3-year Strategic Plan (2016-19). For the Plan to succeed, CARA’s annual activity cycle must be underpinned by robust governance and operating practices, and I was commissioned to help CARA define these critical policies and procedures. Drawing on my extensive experience of leading professional membership bodies, I worked closely with the Executive Director and members of the Board to develop a suite of policies and plans designed to support CARA’s long-term growth..

GOVERNANCE REVIEW: Working directly with the ARMS directors, I facilitated an organisational governance review, determining new governing structures by integrating best practice into the organisation’s approaches to leadership and management. I added value to the organisation by aligning good governance with ARMS’ new and ambitious strategic direction.

BUSINESS PROCESS REVIEW: As Scotland’s National Academy of the sciences, arts & humanities and commerce, the RSE has an important role to play in supporting Scotland’s cultural, economic and social fabric. I was commissioned to undertake a major review of the administrative functions underpinning the RSE’s research awards programme, providing the senior management team with a suite of recommendations to ensure the systems, staffing and available resources remain fit-for-purpose.

360º Organisation Review: ACTS is a crucial advocate of good environmental performance, social responsibility and sustainable development and I undertook a comprehensive organisational review to give the ACTS Board of Directors a solid platform for future growth, development and success.

“I have worked with Andrew for nearly a decade in the areas of leadership development and sustainability. He is an intelligent, forward-thinking professional that always has his client’s best interests in mind. He goes well beyond the typical consultant in developing an understanding of the client’s status and needs. His network with a wide variety is specialists allows him to locate additional resources when needed. He moves organizations forward and has a keen understanding of how to work with both the people and the bureaucracy that both enables and constrains organizations. He truly understands organizational change!”

Dr Paul Rowland, President & CEO, PR Higher Education Consulting

Maria Zollo, COO, Australasian Research Management Society

“Andrew exemplifies professionalism. Provides no nonsense, sensible, strategic advice. Would highly recommend him.”

“Andrew has a real clarity and directness to how he approaches challenges. We found his insights to be thought provoking and always grounded in practical solutions. We’ve been able to work with Andrew for a number of years now and have no hesitation recommending him.”

Jordan Fleming, Managing Director, Gamechangers

Marie Garnett, Managing Director, MGPD

“Andrew is an exceptional specialist consultant. He works strategically to take organisations forward, identifying opportunities and taking calculated risks to drive growth and improvement. He is well-networked and understands the politics of business, building strong working partnerships and seeking to help others fulfil their agendas as they align with his own. He is a great person to work with – full of energy and enthusiasm. He has a rare mix of skills – he is a strategic thinker and inspirational leader but also has a very keen eye for detail, a real completer-finisher!”

“Andrew is service minded, outcomes oriented, able to manage complex tasks and has a great list of contacts. I have no hesitation recommending him to anyone who may require reviews, reports or an examination of their business processes.”

Dr Mark Hochman, Director, RM Resources Pty Ltd

Ian Powling, Digital Programmes Lead, Universities UK

“Andrew is an energetic and creative executive who makes things happen.”

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