Consort has been commissioned to undertake a major review of organisational practice at the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). As Scotland’s National Academy of the sciences, arts & humanities and commerce, the RSE has an important role to play in supporting Scotland’s cultural, economic and social fabric. The RSE’s vision is to continue to build a dynamic and relevant National Academy through a Fellowship of proven excellence and to serve as an independent source of inspiration, engagement and expertise in Scotland and around the world. The RSE works to achieve its vision by delivering a wide range of activities, including provision of its programme of fellowships, scholarships and grants. Amounting to nearly £3 million per annum, the research, enterprise and international grants, Fellowships and scholarships are made available to have long-term impacts on STEM, and the Arts & Humanities in Scotland and to encourage enterprise, innovation and the commercialisation of technology-based ideas coming from academic research. Concluding in autumn 2016, Consort will undertake a review of the administrative functions underpinning the awards programme to ensure the systems, staffing and available resources remain fit-for-purpose.