Following the conclusion of our 6-month scoping review of research management in Africa and India, the Wellcome Trust has recommissioned Consort to develop research management strengthening initiatives for Africa and India. Working with colleagues at the Alliance for Accelerating Excelling in Science in Africa (AESA) and the India Alliance, we will devise two distinct development programmes – Professionalising Research & Innovation Management in Africa (PRIMA) and India (PRIMI).

The long-term objective is to establish recognised and valued professional standards in research management, with the focus on developing individual skills and expertise and enhancing institutional capacity and resilience. We will work with colleagues across the continents to create training fellowships for research administrators intended to enhance practitioners skills and expertise, widen the professional network, and establish and promote individual professional standards; and we will devise an institution development programme designed to assess and benchmark institutions’ performance, secure management support for professionalising research management, and establish and promote the requisite conditions and standards for instigating and maintaining professional research management.

Key to our success will be a multi-partner approach and we are very excited to be working with colleagues from around the globe on delivering this major project for the Wellcome Trust, which will launch in October 2017.