The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) estimates that over 2,000 members (more than 8% of its membership) volunteers for the organisation across a wide range of roles and activities. RTPI is heavily reliant on the important contribution made by its volunteers and yet the organisation does not have an agreed volunteering strategy. The RTPI recognises that this is an omission in a 25,000-strong member-led organisation, and that it benchmarks poorly against similar membership bodies. To that end, the RTPI has commissioned Consort Strategy to develop a volunteering strategy that is crafted to address the characteristics, needs and opportunities of this professional institute.

Publication of this new Strategy and its corresponding documentation will provide clear direction on enhancing the volunteering experience and broadening volunteering opportunities. Further, a clear and consistent approach to supporting and promoting volunteering will create an alliance of ambassadors and advocates who will carry the message of RTPI membership to a wider and more diverse audience. Provision of relevant and beneficial volunteering opportunities will strengthen the RTPI value proposition, and it will position the RTPI as a membership sector pioneer in volunteer engagement and management.

The new Strategy will be published in Spring 2019.