Consort has been commissioned by the Trade Association Forum (TAF) to support development of its new Strategic Plan for 2018-21, and its corresponding Business Development Strategy and Governance Framework.

TAF was launched in 1997 to improve the performance of UK trade associations and to promote best practice in all aspects of trade association activity. The organisation aims to share best practice among its members and to assist buyers, government departments, researchers, the public and other interested parties wishing to access information about UK trade associations, their members, and the sectors they represent.

TAF has c300 members, representing over 500,000 businesses. It is the largest membership body of its kind and has a long-standing and trusted relationship with Government and other stakeholders. It is viewed as the nucleus of the trade association movement and the ‘go-to’ organisation for anyone wishing to engage with and find out more about trade associations.

We’ll be working with TAF throughout 2018 and look forward to connecting with this vibrant and pioneering community.