We’re very pleased to confirm that Consort has been commissioned by the Wellcome Trust to undertake a review of research management in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. Together with several of its global partners, the Wellcome Trust has identified a need to strengthen professional research management in Lower Middle Income Countries (LMICs), with a view to enhancing research support and developing sustainable research capacity in these priority regions. Consort’s principal consultants will be Andrew Chamberlain and Marie Garnett, who together have extensive experience of supporting the¬†professionalisation of research management and administration in the UK. Combining field visits to Senegal, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and India with a wide-ranging review of activities already underway, we will deliver an options appraisal for a collaborative approach amongst global health research funders to supporting and strengthening research management in LMICs. We’ll deliver our review and recommendations in October 2016.