It’s Trustees Week and we’re proud to publish more details of our new governance model, NETpositive Governance™.

Good governance ensures the best possible processes for making and implementing decisions. NETpositive Governance™ goes further by ensuring boardroom culture, Board decision-making and the Board’s overall performance fundamentally enhances the positive impact of an organisation. It is a modus operandi for the Board that not only protects the organisation in these challenging times but allows the Board to steer the organisation in adding value to broader society. It is designed to contribute to an organisation’s financial strength, promote its business resilience, enhance its environmental responsibility and add to its social value. NETpositive Governance™ requires not only the good mechanics of governance, but also effective dynamics amongst the Board and between the Board, its executive and its external stakeholders.

Feel free to contact me or Jimmy Brannigan to learn more about the NETpositive Governance™ diagnostic and action planning process and discuss how the model can help your organisation’s Board to identify your governance strengths and the opportunities to further develop your Board and organisation’s performance.