Consort’s PARTNER approach

“Andrew recently completed a review of how we administer our research awards programme. He was professional, worked extremely well with all stakeholders and produced a focussed report within time and at a very reasonable cost. I would not hesitate to commission further work from him.”

Graeme Herbert, Deputy Chief Executive, Royal Society of Edinburgh

It’s not enough to simply devise strategy, organisations need to deliver, monitor, evaluate, and refresh strategy to continually improve performance and grow their business. Long-term support for strategic development is critical for success and Consort’s PARTNER approach is designed to provide organisation’s with the additional capacity and immediate access to the specialist expertise they need to prosper:


I help you plan your organisation’s next steps, facilitating the process for identifying your strategic objectives and operational targets.


I provide counsel on business challenges, offer perspective on organisational strengths and weaknesses, and advise on market opportunities.


I systematically review your operational practices, management processes, and leadership techniques.


I exam your ideas for business development and assess your thinking on new directions, testing concepts for market relevance, business suitability, and financial sustainability.


I constructively challenge the status quo to ensure your strategies and practices remain fit-for-purpose and reflect your ambitions for the organisation.


I routinely evaluate individual and/or organisational performance, measuring progress and success against agreed indicators.


I advocate new or existing approaches to operational process, leadership practice, and/or organisational strategy, based on my developed knowledge of your organisation’s unique circumstances and ambitions.

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