How we define “strategy” has been debated for years by organisation leaders and business theorists alike. There is however no definitive answer as to what strategy really is. One reason is that people think about strategy in different ways: some believe that you must analyse the present carefully, anticipate changes in your market, sector or industry, and from this plan how you’ll succeed in the future. Others think that the future is just too difficult to predict, and they prefer to evolve their strategies organically. Irrespective of approach, strategy determines the direction and scope of an organization over the short, medium and long term, and it should determine how resources are generated and used to fulfil an organisation’s purpose. Strategy should define and communicate an organisation’s unique position, and determine how resources, values, skills and competencies be combined to create success.

What we do

  • Facilitate strategic planning exercises.
  • Translate board ambitions and prepare organisational strategic plans.
  • Write operational strategies and policies.
  • Contribute to business development.
  • Lead the discussions and debates that are crucial for informed decision-making.

Realise the vision for your organisation through successful strategic planning.

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