Andrew Chamberlain

Andrew Chamberlain, Managing Director

A former association Chief Executive, for over 10 years Andrew held leadership positions in professional membership bodies across the UK. Since establishing Consort Strategy in May 2016, he has worked independently in the membership and not-for-profit sectors, specialising in organisational development by creating strategies for business growth, supporting individual and organisation-wide improvement and facilitating good governance. He is the founder and co-director of the Cambridge Governance Symposium, an annual 1-day conference for organisation leaders, focused on enhancing their knowledge, understanding and implementation of effective governance practice.

Cindy Sparrow

Cindy Sparrow, Director

Cindy has held senior leadership positions in Emergency Services across Alberta for over 10 years. By adeptly leading teams in complex, stressful and unpredictable circumstances, Cindy has acquired intricate knowledge, experience and appreciation of leadership values, theory and practice, which she applied in equal measure to her role as President of APCO Canada and as a Director of the Alberta E911 Advisory Association. An international keynote speaker, trainer and mentor, Cindy heads Consort’s North American operations as well as delivering core components of the UK and international portfolios.